​​​​​The Welcome Home expresses what Pope Francis says the Church is about: warming hearts and healing hurts. We work to always be inclusive of those who can be overlooked, the poor and the most abandoned.

The Welcome Home is a model of church for the Church; it challenges us to discover our God, present in our own little and imperfect humanity. We strive to build a community that reflects qualities of the Holy Trinity: inclusive, equal, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

The community includes both the Redemptorists as well as a group of dedicated volunteers who help run The Welcome Home throughout the year.  Every year the Redemptorists invite Catholic young adults to come and live with them in community and to help them in their mission. Since 1993  we have had over  50 young adults and Redemptorists live and work together, some come for one year and others have stayed for two or more. We now have many families who are connected to the Welcome Home because of the time they spent here as young adults and have begun to experience the unique gift of  having their children come back and work with us

This year, September 2021 we are a community of one Fr. Larry.

Welcome back Staff:  Delores Courchene  as the Community Administrator/Сoordinator.

Liz Artymko works for the Redemptorists as the Young Adult Youth Coordinator and helps out during the week and runs our youth programs. 

"Feeding the poor in body and spirit."

The Welcome Home

- a mission of St. Alphonsus