past community and Volunteers

The Welcome Home

- a mission of St. Alphonsus

​​​​​​​Andrew K: Community Member from 2013-2014

"In my view, the overarching mission of the Welcome Home is to build genuine, direct relationship with others. For me, the major change of being a live-in member of the Welcome Home community, as opposed to a volunteer or observer, was that it emphasized knowing the poor and most abandoned-" READ MORE

Nadia P: Community Member from 2013-2014

​"When I think about my experience at the Welcome Home I always think of Thursday evenings, when people come together for Family Night. It is a time of mutual prayer, meal, and fellowship. When I first arrived, I found it challenging to keep up a conversation with others because of-" READ MORE

Ivan D: Community Member from 2012 - 2013
"My time at The Welcome Home was very special to me. It coincided with the time of my postulancy. My time there gave me greater insight into Redemptorist Ministry and the ways in which the neediest people could be ministered to. My experience of The Welcome Home was not only-" READ MORE 

Sophia K: Community Member from 2012-2011

​"I came to The Welcome Home as a 19 year old, with an idealistic hope of serving the poor and maybe changing the world a little. Over the next year and half, God shattered my expectations through a thousand little encounters. A stranger comforted me when I was having a-" READ MORE

Michelle F: Community Member from 2003-2006 

​"Wow! It’s been 25 years already; how time flies! Congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone, and of course for being an amazing pillar within the North Point Douglas community in Winnipeg for over two decades. I was the author of the historical non-fiction book published in May 2004, “The Welcome-" READ MORE

​Lisa-Ann B: Community Member from 1990-2000

"The Doorbell (A Story where God Works in an Anonymous Way)
I hated the Welcome Home Doorbell.
It rang at all hours of the day, even on our days “off”.It never failed that just as I was climbing into bed, or sitting down to my lunch, or picking up that long-neglected book, I would hear “ding-dong” and with-" READ MORE

David D: Community Member from 1994-1995​

​​"It is difficult to believe that my year living at The Welcome Home was more than half my life ago!  Despite all that has happened since, I still consider it to be one of the most formative and influential experiences of my life.  If the first year at The Welcome-" READ MORE

Vincent A: Community Member from 1993-1994

​"The year I spent at the Welcome Home marked the beginning of a greater awareness of the presence of God in the world and neighbour. It was during my stay that I took time to reflect upon my life journey and the direction it was heading. The year of ministry-" READ MORE​​

​​Glicaria B: Volunteer 1994-2009

​"I came to The Welcome Home in 1994, in the second year of its existence. Because I was still working I came on Saturdays only. I was attracted to the Redemptorist Mission because of its work and caring for the poor. I grew spiritually and emotionally working with the less-" READ MORE