The Welcome Home

- a mission of St. Alphonsus

The Welcome Home relies on volunteers to make most of our programs run. We would not be able to do half of what we do if it weren’t for our dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for more people to come and help us out. If you are interested in volunteering once a week, once a month or even at some of our annual events please contact us!

If volunteering with us is not an option for you there are also other ways you can help us out:

* Financial Donations

* Non Perishable Food Donations
* Prayers

We accept monetary donations by cash, cheque,
email money

transfer to or if you would like to use a credit card you can make a

donation through the link on our main page. 

We are currently searching for funding to help with our Weekly

Programs as well as for our Renovation Fund as there are always

renovation needs in an old house. We also have an Education Fund

which provides funding for children to attend a local Ukrainian Catholic school.

Dedicated women that volunteer every week at our Family Night.